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who are we?

husband and wife duo

He's a computer geek and a game dev whiz, she's a marketing ninja - we inspire and motivate each other to push past our creative boundaries. Collaborating on this project allows us to exchange points of view, always with a shared goal in mind.

And besides, show us an indie dev whose dream isn't making games with their significant other!

solo development

yep, that's a lot of work

Dominik handles all the creative and technical work - literally everything related to actually creating the game. Drawing from his experience gained during developing other games, he knows how to manage the indie game creation workflow, along with all its technical aspects. Working solo on a game is a huge undertaking, but also a great satisfaction. This is the culmination of all the years of his relentless learning and honing a wide range of skills.

20 years of experience

Dominik has worked on numerous game dev projects, spending the last 9 years as a Technical Art Director and one of the main creators of the game 'The Beast Inside'. Currently, he works full-time at ..... and as a Senior Technical Artist, he is highly proficient in many aspects of game development.

In his portfolio, he also has VR and 3D films, which are still being screened in Polish and international cinemas to this day.

Dominik graduated from Gdańsk University of Technology, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science in 2018.

working with industry veterans

Since June 2023, he has been working at xxx alongside talented veteran developers and artists from AAA studios such as Bungie, Naughty Dog, Blizzard, and Respawn on a new FPS Tactical Shooter. 

His bosses and colleagues, when asked about Dominik, use terms like "exceeds expectations," "irreplaceable specialist," and "a friendly guy you can always rely on" in the context of his work.


achievements and awards

The previous game Dominik worked on as Technical & Creative Art Director - "The Beast Inside", was awarded the Pixel Awards in 2018, as well as the Webby Award for Best Visual Design in 2020. Additionally, the game "Medium," where he served as Technical Artist UE4, won the NAVGTR Award in 2022.

Dominik also participates in industry conferences as a speaker; most recently, he gave a lecture at DevGAMM 2024 in Gdańsk about game optimization in Unreal Engine.

previous projects
solo marketing

i'm here to answer all your questions

Barbara handles the business side of our studio. With marketing experience across various industries - from her own cookie decorating business to working in a fintech company - she can assist her husband in fulfilling his dream of owning an indie game dev studio.

Every day she discovers new, surprising aspects of game marketing and develops fresh ideas to reach as many potential players as possible.

become an investor

invest in our game and become even richer

Want to talk business? Dark Jay Studio is actively seeking investors or publishers interested in collaborating on our project. We value creative freedom, but we constantly research the market and explore what has the best chance for commercial success. Currently, we're working on a game that we'll be announcing to the world very soon. If you're passionate about supporting indie game development and are looking for exciting opportunities, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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