Behold, we are the Arms of God, to do his will upon the earth. For the Lord God comes with might, and his arms rule for him.

Arms of God

Roguelite arena auto-shooter

Embark on an epic battle against relentless demon hordes in this fast-paced action roguelite. Level up, upgrade and merge up to five weapons to discover powerful combinations. As the last hope of the "Arms of God", you must restore your ancient Order and fulfill your sacred duty to bring divine justice to a world on the brink of chaos.


Play as one of 10 characters, each with distinct abilities reshaping gameplay. Level up and rebuild The Order by fulfilling the divine mission on Earth.


Upgrade and combine weapons to forge indestructible builds wielding the might of five powerful arms simultaneously and seek creative combinations for maximum power.

Restore sanctity to the world

Battle through 80 levels across unique locations, with different enemies types and epic bosses.

Game story:

Kill enemies and save the world (duh!)

"Behold, we are the Arms of God, to do his will upon the earth. For the Lord God comes with might, and his arms rule for him" - this creed is both your driving force and your burden. Hellish demons have overrun the world, and the Order of the "Arms of God" was meant to reign over them, but it has been decimated.

You stand as humanity’s final beacon of hope, charged with resurrecting the Order and restoring divine order to the earth. As you face legions of fiends, you gain strength, able to sanctify your weapons and wield your mechanical arms in the execution of God's will.

In your relentless crusade against the infernal waves, you reclaim sacred grounds, drawing closer to the throne of damnation, where the greatest evil seeks unlimited power to enact its darkest intentions. Your sacred mission is to forge a weapon so mighty that it will smite the heretics and endure the trials against the most fearsome foes.

Arms of God

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Age rating:
EA release date:
v1.0 platforms:

Dark Jay Studio
auto-shooter, roguelite
solo, local co-op (v1.0)
Q2 2025 (PC)
PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox

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